Panasonic KX-UT670

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The Panasonic KX-UT670 smart desk phone is a Linux Based, programmable SIP desk phone with an extensive feature set. The UT670 boasts high audio quality with extensive codec support, including the G.722 wideband codec. A full duplex speaker phone is included, along with built-in support for 3 way conference calls and compatibility with Plantronics Electronic Hook Switch systems for superb hands-free performance.

The UT670 features two Gigabit Ethernet ports with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE), giving the opportunity to reduce cabling to the desktop.

The device features a 7 inch colour touch screen with a simple to use graphical user interface, which gives easy access to a variety of included applications such as a web browser, calendar, e-mail, contacts manager, network camera control, music player and more – with the possibility to create and install custom applications to meet specific requirements.

Applications for the KX-UT670 can be developed using an open-source SDK for Android development, along with the KX-UT670 APIs. Programs are developed using the Java programming language. Code editing and compiling can be done in Eclipse, though other editors and compilers may be used


  • Programmable smart desk phone (JAVA, HTML and Adobe Flash)
  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit ethernet ports, PoE
  • Up to 6 SIP accounts
  • 7 inch colour touch screen
  • High Quality HD Voice (G.722)
  • High Quality HD Video (H.264 / 720p)
  • Certified for Asterisk and Broadsoft
  • Linux Based Operating System
  • Full duplex speaker phone, 3 way conference call support
  • EHS support for Plantronics Wireless headsets
  • Compatible with a range of corded and wireless headsets


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