Ascom d81 Protector MD NM PC LF IP-DECT Handset (DH5-AABEAB)
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Ascom d81 Protector MD NM PC LF IP-DECT Handset (DH5-AABEAB)

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Please Note: Our Ascom phones do not come with a charger, this is an additional purchase from the drop down above.

Ascom d81 Protector MD NM PC LF IP-DECT Handset (DH5-AABEAB)

The Ascom DH5-AABEAB is a unique combination of robustness and sophistication. A tough design coupled with an outstanding level of functionality and operating safety make it the natural choice for users demanding operational excellence in the most challenging settings, such as industrial plants and secure establishments.

Ascom DH5-AABEAB Key Features

  • IP65, including headset and charging connector 
  • Shock proof 
  • Temperature range -10OC to +55OC, Ex -10OC to +40OC 
  • ATEX and IECEx approved, CSA listed 
  • Intrinsically safe (Ex) for both gas and dust environments 
  • Alarms: push-button, man-down, no-movement and pull-cord 
  • Location technologies: base-station, DECT location and LF 
  • Location functions: poll location and special location 
  • Bluetooth bar code reader license 
  • Support for graphical messaging 
  • User and system profiles 
  • Upgrade license from Messenger to Protector 
  • Centralised management 
  • Colour coded messages 
  • Message priority 
  • Enhanced ESD protection 
  • Pre-programmed messages 
  • Display messages upside down 
  • Adjustable low power setting
  • Up to 5 Emergency numbers

Designed to be challenged
The d81 can be relied on in the toughest working environments, where the handset is handled roughly and is exposed to the elements. Not only does it resist rain, humidity and dust, but the strong rubber casing protects the handset if dropped. It is tested for twice the standard level of static electricity and it endures both cold and heat. Adjustable low power setting to reduce risk of radio emissions interfering with sensitive equipment. There is also an intrinsically safe variant for operation in hazardous locations.

Individuality meets functionality
Based on a proven IP-DECT operating platform with high volume and voice quality, the functionality of the d81 c