Peplink 3G Routers

3G Routers

3G Router solutions for your home and business.

3G Routers use Mobile Broadband 3G services to increase data rates. They can be used in remote areas that are situated away from the conventional broadband grid, to gain internet access whilst on the move using a laptop device. This opens up opportunities for people to stay globally connected at all times. A 3G SIM card needs to be directly inserted into the 3G Router, helping to avoid any USB dongle compatibility issues.

The application of these services can be but are not limited to the wide-area wireless voice telephone markets, Internet access, video calls and TV. All of which are to be found within a mobile (on-the-go) environment. 3G is most well known due to the massive increase in usage within 3G smartphone communications, tying in capabilities of PDAs with those of a normal mobile phone.

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