Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell
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Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell

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Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell 

The Gigaset N610 IP PRO is the choice for cordless telephony convenience for up to 8 users. Up to 8 parallel calls guarantee a high degree of readiness in your business environment. Assign multiple lines to a handset and perform internal calls for free. Calls are secure due to SRTP and TLS. Contacts are always at hand on N610’s central phonebook.

Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell  Key Features:

  • Single cell system up to 8 users / SIP accounts / handsets 
  • Up to 8 parallel calls 
  • Free internal calls
  • Multiple accounts/lines per handset 
  • Central Phonebook: 2000 entries 
  • LDAP(S) phonebook 
  • Professional zero-touch configuration via auto-provisioning 
  • XHTML applications by customer 
  • End-to-end signalling and voice encryption 
  • LEDs on front for status and visual power check
  • Software update over the air (SUOTA)

The N610 is compatible to a large number of on-premise and cloud PBXs and easy to setup by autoprovisioning. It can be extended by up to 6 Gigaset repeaters to reach a larger DECT coverage area.

Gigaset N610 IP Pro Single Cell Technical Specification:

Phonebook and dialling

  • Link to an external LDAP(S) phonebooks (up to 10) 
  • XML directories 
  • XSI directories (BroadSoft) 
  • Central directory, hosted by N610, 2000 entries 
  • Name indication for incoming calls, outgoing calls,   missed call list, redial list 
  • DTMF (SIP Info / RFC 2833, in-band) 
  • Automatic prefix dialling or provider selection
  • Country specific call progress tones (provisionable) 
  • CLIP, CNIP: Name indication for incoming calls, outgoing calls,   missed call list, redial list 
  • Name replacement from local phonebook and online   directories (auto lookup)
  • Calls lists: up to 50 calls (missed, received, dialled) 
  • SIP MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) signalling for voice mail 


  • Easy configuration via web browser 
  • Administrator friendly configuration via configuration file 
  • User specific Auto-provisioning
  • via MAC address 
  • via XML configuration file 
  • Firmware upgrade / downgrade 
  • Backup and restore functions 
  • Log to external syslog servers


  • Wall- or ceiling mountable 
  • Antenna diversity 
  • 2 Status LEDs
  • Reset key
  • Ethernet RJ45 10/100 Mbps 
  • Power over Ethernet: PoE IEEE 802.3af class 1
  • Two-year warranty   

Special features

  • Up to 8 SIP accounts Multiline


  • Assign several lines/accounts to a handset 
  • Define send- and receive accounts for a handset Internal telephony
  • Assign internal number and name to a handset 
  • Perform free internal calls    

Transfer external call to an internal party 

  • MWI signaling configurable 
  • Failover: