Spectralink Versity 95 Series WiFi Phone
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Spectralink Versity 95 Series WiFi Phone

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Spectralink Versity 95 Series WiFi Phone

The Spectralink Versity 95 Series is a premium enterprise-grade smartphone solution. This best-in-class device is a perfect solution for voice-critical, zero downtime, rugged 24x7 environments that demand superior power and application functionality. The Versity 95 Series improves work-life for users and leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Spectralink Versity 95 Key Features:
  • Sleek and compact form factor fits easily in one hand or pocket
  • Rugged design to perform in harsh environments without damage from drops or cleaning solutions
  • Crystal clear, engineering optimized voice quality for communication in noisy environments 
The Spectralink Versity 95 supports leading applications, including paging, messaging, voice recognition, alarms, secure messaging, single sign-on, and location services for uninterrupted communication on the move. Spectralink mobile application partners offer access to a wide range of communication and industry-specific applications that ensure greater efficiency and real-time communication for mobile workers. Vertical specific applications include nurse call, patient monitoring, inventory control, and access to hotel service systems. Plus, the Versity 95 has access to a broad collection of Android-based applications, including Google Mobile Services, to ensure technology stays current.

Mission-critical availability
  • Versity 95 has a true hot-swappable battery. Users can swap out the battery while using an app or on a call without missing a beat. This means zero downtime and no lapses in mission-critical operations or communications.
  • Versity 95 Series’ superior engineering provides optimized “anywhere communication” with in-building Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC, giving you all the wireless connections you could ever need. No need to stay tied to a landline, find a phone to answer an ov