Snom D345 IP Phone - 12 Lines High Resolution Display
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Snom D345 IP Phone - 12 Lines High Resolution Display

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Please Note: snom IP Phones do not include a mains power supply. If mains power is required, this can be added via the drop down menu above.

Snom D345 IP Phone - 12 Lines High Resolution Display

The Snom D345 is a high-quality VoIP phone with dual, high-resolution display in an elegant, traditional style that has been designed with the requirements of the IT service provider in mind.

Snom D345 Key Features

  • 12 SIP accounts
  • 12 configurable, self-labelling, multi-coloured LED keys
  • Gigabit switch and USB port
  • Dual IPv4 / IPv6 stack
  • High-resolution display
  • Dual displays

The Snom D345 provides call and feature management, editable call lists, and an address book are provided by the high-resolution graphical display. The new Snom sensor hook switch has been designed for durability and reduced wear and helps to ensure a long product life even when the phone is used extensively. The flexible design of the D345 makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of environments, including offices, call centres, and reception areas.

The Snom D345 can be used as a desk phone, as its gently inclined, European-style keyboard making it ideal for easy dialing with minimal impact on the user’s hand, and it can also be wall mou